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The CUFFED. Quite literally our first born when it comes to cut and sew garments. In 2013, we made the choice to chase custom garment production, in an effort to begin elevating the offer from HALFWITS. But how? We didn’t know the first thing about apparel production. All we knew is that we liked clothes, and were up for the challenge. With that, and a bit of blind faith, we started where any good fashion student starts, on Reddit. It wasn’t long before we connected with a gentleman named Stephen through a dead AMA about apparel production. He backed an impressive portfolio, doing work for the likes of Disney, Foot Locker, Hard Luck, and what he was offering to do for us was unheard of. He would help us produce our first collection at minimums of 50 units. The kicker? He wanted us to learn the ropes. He offered to fly someone from our team out. 16 hours to Hong Kong, and another 4-6 hour connect to Brunei. Save to say the worry was high, but hey! We figured, we sought this guy out. If anything, he should be worried about us, right? After we some time spent on design, I hopped on a plane to develop our first custom SKU’s. We worked through some serious jet lag and faked our way through the factory until our first found its legs. This is our CUFFED. 1 of 1. 

Size M Sample

20 in. pit to pit.

24 in. from collar to hem. 

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